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Flying with AirAsia X

An experience of return flight from Kuala Lumpur - Australia with AirAsia X.

Flying 8 hours 05 minute with a low-cost airline, AirAsia X return from Kuala Lumpur – Sydney was indeed very tiring. However, with the saving up to RM600, it was a good investment.

I was too close to take Malaysian Airline (MAS) during Matta Fair until I found out that by taking a low-cost airline, AirAsia X, I would save RM600 in total. I have to warn you, if you are intending to fly with luxury or at least, to get a good sleep or seat, AirAsia X should not be your first choice. I was backpacking. My priority was more on the sightseeing in Australia and budget saving. Luxury transportation was not in the travel list.

AirAsia X have the smallest seat, smaller than the 8 hours ride on the local bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu. I sat in the middle of two people, folding my hands across the chest and elbow to elbow with my neighbours. So you can imagine how pack the my seat was. I tried my best to sleep. It was a good way in neglecting my mind over the small space. I used to be in National Service, and we were trained to practically sleep everywhere in every posture, so sleeping in such space was alright to me. Thank God.

First flight flying from LCCT Airport (Kuala Lumpur ) – Sydney Airport.

My flight was around 11.30pm. I purposely took the night flight so I could reach Sydney in the morning. Australia is only 2 hours earlier than Malaysia time zone. I was travelling solo for the first time, so I was blunt on how to fill in the entering form to Australia that was given to me on the flight by the flight attendant. Ann, a 21 years old Vietnamese girl with Sweden citizenship who sat next to me took notice so she helped me throughout. From a conversation on the clarification form, it turn to be a great ice breaking for us. She was a surfer by heart and work as a nanny in Manly Beach, NSW. Born and breed in Sweden, she stay true to Australia for 2 years because of her love of surfing and the people. Listening to her life fascinate me where she’d went to Vietnam for mass family gathering, transit through Malaysia so that she could meet her parents who also flew straight from Sweden. We exchanged Facebook and phone numbers :)

I had Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser (Malaysian dishes) and Kimchi Chicken Duruchigi (Korea). The approximate serving time difference were 2 hours after departure and 2 hours before arrival. Surprisingly, the food were tasty. It is highly recommended for anyone to try especially Nasi Lemak. It was actually quite delicious from some of the Nasi Lemak sold outside. I was advised by other bloggers to avoid having Nasi Lemak if I were to fly from Australia because the manufacturer are of different people. The food will not be as nice as those manufactured from Malaysia.

Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser for supper.

Kimchi Chicken Duruchigi

The best thing about taking a night flight is to wait for the next morning for sun to rise and shine! I experienced something beyond beautiful. One could not forget a mesmerizing and breath-taking view of the ocean, the beach, the hills, and rocky mountains, just by being up above the sky. I wish I had taken few pictures.


These are some of the tips if you travelled at night.

1) AirAsia X offered a temporary Game Portable as well as Samsung Tab during the flight. You have to order in advance though because most of the items are fully booked. I ordered Portable Game, PSP online. I realised I only use it for less than 30 minutes and the game were not that fascinating. I prefer sleeping. If you’re not a gamer junkie, my advise is to order Samsung Tab instead. They provide songs and movies. I occupied myself most by using MP3 borrowed from a friend, and sleeping.

2) I have not eaten for a day before my departure to Sydney. The reason being was because I ordered two meals on the flight. I don’t want to end up not eating any. People don’t usually eat at night. Regardless, I have to be smart. The downside of ordering two dishes is when the 2nd meal arrived, I don’t enjoy it as much since I’m still full. The good side, it was for energy pumping and the food covered breakfast and lunch for the day so you kind of save some money there.

3) I ordered blanket from AirAsia X and wear with me sweater thinking it would be cold at night. I realised later sweater and blanket was not necessary due to the warm temperature.

4) I brought with me all the necessary toiletries and disposable underwear. You need this to freshen up since 8 hours and 05 minutes will not be a pleasant journey. Bring some light make up if possible. This is necessary so you will look good while facing immigration. They can be quite picky especially if you look like a criminal.

Return flight flying from Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport - LCCT Airport (Kuala Lumpur).

Morning flight as early as 10.30am with only an hour nap, I took it as a benefit so I could spent my time on the flight, sleeping. I end up having a Korean bulky guy with Canadian citizenship as my seat partner. Name Ryan, age 35, with great accent, an investment banker travelling around the world working, hate flying and friendly, any girl would drop dead. Instead of sleeping, we end up talking for 2 hours straight, started only by me asking what was the time. He was on his way to Bali, transferring from Kuala Lumpur. We had a great chat and laughed a lot too. What reminds me of him the most were of these 3 occasions (he was too sweet I had to write this up):

1) We exchange numbers and emails written on a small paper bag from the flight. He teared them into two parts, one for me and another for him.

2) After we arrived, I was the first to go out, only realising later that Ryan chased and walked with me the whole time. He asked for my permission to leave since he was in a rush. Chivalry isn’t dead. I like man with courtesy. Plus point for him.

3) We have made a pack, when his next visit to Malaysia, I would bring him to taste some local coffee. He adores caffeine.

Learning from the first flight, a blanket and a portable game are not necessary for you to order online from AirAsia X nor to get one. Flying during day time has disadvantages. You’ll get easily hungry. I remembered some meals were sold out with flight attendance running errands entertaining people who kept ordering for more food (most paid cash). AirAsia have strict rules where no credit card transaction will be allowed for beverages and meals UNLESS for duty free items. Everything has to be in cash. MYR (Ringgit Malaysia) currency is actually very convenience and wallet saving as the foods and items are twice cheaper than buying with other currencies. I ordered , and Chicken Lasagna (International Flavours). Indian food have great flavours and I kind of like it but oh my, the Chicken Lasagna, tasted like crap.

Chicken Butter Masala (Indian Flavours) for breakfast


Finally home!

Expect some uncomfortableness ie the small seat and the warm air conditioner when travelling with a low-cost airline. Though, I will not complaint having to fly with AirAsia X. It was a pleasant journey, having to meet new great people along the way. I must say the flight attendants and their services were quite satisfactory. A good start and end of my 2 weeks holiday.

I will definitely consider flying with AirAsia X again.

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